Courses: MSHS in Clinical Operations and Healthcare Management

Curriculum Details


The online MSHS in Clinical Operations and Healthcare Management consists of 36 credit hours and can be completed in two years.

Six credit hours of elective courses are selected in consultation with the program director, from existing online graduate courses in Medical Laboratory Sciences or Health Sciences.


COHM 6200: Health Care Human Resources Management for Organizational Development (3)

COHM 6200 offers learners the skills and competencies necessary to help build a resilient workforce that meets the opportunities and challenges leaders may face in the professional setting. Learners will apply human resource development principles to managing and developing individuals and teams in the healthcare work environment. In addition, this course will enable learners to assess the role of the workforce in organizational development, culture, change management, resiliency, team building, and well-being in supporting resilient, sustainable, and agile healthcare organizations.

CML 6275 Leadership and Change in Clinical Management (3)

Gain an understanding of operational leadership in a constantly changing system. Understand the theoretical and practical applications to change management.

COHM 6200 Healthcare Human Resources Management for Organizational Development (3)

Overview of human resource development to promote evolving sustainable healthcare organizations.

COHM 6210 Strategic Communications (3)

The course introduces students to the power of effective communication in the healthcare environment. Students will evaluate their personal communication styles and discuss the impact of effective communication.

COHM 6215 Population Health for Health Care Innovators (3)

The course introduces students to key concepts of public health including a history as it relates to healthcare in the U.S., public health as a health system, regulations and laws, the public health workforce infrastructure and interventions.

COHM 6220 Finance for Health Care Operations (3)

Applied health economics, finance and policy for high-quality, value-based health care operations; costs, expenditure, and reimbursement of services; strategic financial planning tools. Restricted to students in the clinical operations and health care management program.

COHM 6320 Informatics for Operational Leadership and Health Care Quality (3)

This course focuses on the clinical informatics-system life cycle through a survey of the clinical informatics landscape and its affiliated data, governance, and interoperability structures.

COHM 6430 Healthcare Systems Operations (3)

The course introduces students to management in the healthcare industry In this course students will survey the systems and functions required to plan, produce, and deliver high quality, patient centered health care services.

COHM 6470 Applications in Clinical Operations and Health Care Management (3)

This course builds upon prior coursework to apply clinical operations and health care management practices. Students analyze and discuss real-life operational case studies from a diverse array of healthcare organizations.

HSCI 6223 Topics in Health Care Leadership (3)

Students examine leadership/leadership change theories in the healthcare industry setting, as well as management and communications strategies, and values in a systems framework. Theories and styles of leadership, including organizational management and values, strategic planning, communication strategies, managing change, and negotiating conflict in the context of the health care delivery system.

HSCI 6241 The Health Care Enterprise (3)

An overview of global business principles related to health care systems: the management of patient-centered care delivery, marketing, finance and fiscal management principles, information technology, and quality improvement.


HSCI Elective (3)

One 3-credit elective course selected with the advisor’s approval: HSCI 6263 – Biostatistics Translational Research or HSCI 6264 – Epidemiology Translational Research

COHM Elective (3)

Once 3-credit elective course COHM 6460 - Case Studies in Healthcare Transformation, Quality, and Patient Safety or COHM 6465 is allowed if the practicum is conducted at GW and its affiliates (GW Hospital and or Children's National Hospital, etc.).



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