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Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Molecular Diagnostic Science: Curriculum

Curriculum Details


Through seven courses and a total of 24 credits, this certificate prepares you to take the Molecular Biology Board of Certification exam offered by the American Society for Clinical Pathology.

You’ll gain specific laboratory techniques detecting and identifying biomarkers at the nucleic acid level in major areas of medicine including genetic disorders, infectious diseases, cancer, pharmacogenetics, and identity testing.

The certificate concludes with a six-credit practicum in a real-world setting.

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Introduction to critical concepts of lab management, including leadership theory, management principles, human resource management, financial management, quality management, and laboratory operations.

Foundational course in molecular biology; DNA replication, DNA repair, transcription, translation and gene regulation.

An introduction to the theory of and laboratory techniques in molecular biology with an emphasis on molecular and serological techniques, including DNA extraction and quantitation, restriction enzyme digestion, polymerase chain reaction, agarose gel electrophoresis, flow cytometry, and ELISA Restricted to students in the medical laboratory science program.

Culmination course for the BSHS in molecular diagnostic sciences program. Provides an overview of molecular diagnostics using a case-based approach. Students must have earned a minimum grade of C in all prerequisite courses in order to enroll in this course. Program director approval may be substituted for prerequisite courses. Proctor fee.

Course Description: Theory and processes of current molecular techniques used to diagnose human disease.

This course will cover the application of molecular testing to diagnose various human diseases and disorders. Proctor fee.

Application of molecular techniques in a clinical setting to facilitate the diagnosis of human diseases. Students must have earned a minimum grade of C in all prerequisite courses Instructor permission may be substituted for prerequisites.

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Note, 45 transferrable credits required to apply for BSHS and BSHS/MSHS dual degree programs